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bat2hit fuckiing iin2ane.


( Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR. You are eight sweeps old - roughly seventeen in human years, not that you really give a shit about human years - and you have indeed been through SGRUB, having been on a BETA TIMELINE so that YOUR EYES ARE INTACT. Unfortunately for you, that means that you HEAR THE VOICES STILL, though you've also retained your FUCKING AWESOME POWERS.

You both HATE AND LOVE YOURSELF AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Well. No. You TOLERATE everything around you at the best of times, really, but that's the best anyone could ask for.

You are still APESHIT BANANAS at COMPUTERS, and recently you have begun to take more interest in HUMANS AS A SPECIES. Talking to them is still REALLY WEIRD, though.

Your colour scheme is EYE-SEARING and you are entirely unapologetic, goddamnit.

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10/08/2011 23:44:58


10/08/2011 23:36:17
temporalmaiden asked:wait
either we talk to you or you blow something up
why cant it be both
heterochromiia replied:

iit’s kiind of temptiing two do both. ii haven’t 2hort-ciircuiited kk’2 computer iin a whiile, anyway.

…haven’t 2een hiim iin a while, eiither, but that’2 be2iide the poiint.

2up aa? 


10/08/2011 23:30:11

==> Sollux: Amuse yourself.

Well, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Since joining this website you’ve observed a multitude of humans and trolls - including clones of yourself - and they all seemed to be having a decent time of things. Plus, after getting the hang of its obviously faulty search system, you had discovered the novelty of tracked tags and no you were not looking up anything remotely risque of course that would be ridiculous et cetera et cetera.

You close out the tab that may or not read tumblr.com/tagged/buckets and peruse your dashboard.



Incredibly sexual in nature.


Okay, that is kind of really lame. Of course you knew that humans were basically meatsacks with little to no brain to account for their apparent technological advances, but the trolls should be a little bit better at the very least! 

Then again, after a brief consideration of the shit you’ve had to put up with with them, you reconsider.

==> Sollux: Check out your follower count.

Whoa hey what’s that? You click the button on the sidebar, and it takes you to a list of URLs. Eight of them, currently, stacked neatly on top of one another.

==> Sollux: Fondly regard organisation of website.

There’s no time for that! This is your chance to both assert some sense of superiority among the denizens of tumblr on that followers list and to… y’know… not be shitfuckingly bored. 

Opening up a new text post, you begin vomiting what ends up being a verbal masterpiece. Or some sort of mangled, antisocial greeting. Either or!

ok thii2 ii2 how thii2 ii2 goiing two work.

there are eiight of you riight now who can actually 2ee thii2 po2t, ii’m a22umiing, and ii’m 2o bored ii could talk two ju2t about anyone.

iin other word2 eiither ii blow 2omethiing up or have a 2emii-decent conver2atiion. or both. ii’m not really piicky iin that re2pect!

do your wor2t, a22hole2.

Ah, yes. You click ‘Create Post’.


10/08/2011 23:06:40

headcanon // 001

Kanaya and Sollux consistently get/got into arguments concerning his “dreadful” fashion sense, namely the fact that he dresses in colours that don’t entirely match well.

For some reason he’s won every single time and she has - begrudgingly - allowed him to keep looking like he got dressed in the dark with his hands tied behind his back.

He does compromise and make sure everything is clean and neat, at the very least.


10/08/2011 21:51:56



i do have a question though!

do trolls ever say
i pity you
i hate you
when they dont really know thats what theyre feeling?
like how humans sometimes say i love you
when really they mean i really really like you??

i dont even know what the equivalent would be when youre falling for someone troll style
i mean
do you say i feel really bad for you?
or do you say you annoy me??

troll relationships sure are weird!! :P 


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10/08/2011 21:14:20
heterochromiia replied:

ii’ll giive you three gue22e2!

iit could be my awe2ome rocket boot2 - waiit, tho2e don’t exii2t.

maybe iit’2 my endle22 2upply of pornographiic viideo game2 - no, ii’m thiinkiing of eq there.

ok, are you really 2tumped?

iit’2 my fuckiing COMPUTER, dumb2hiit. ii thought iit would be obviiou2, 2eeiing a2 iit’2 the only thiing ii’m remotely good at half the tiime.



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